Days to nothing, no personal goals. Changing calendars, counting down the days. You are single, young and do clerical work as a fulltime worker. Your life is limited to these walls, that clock, that plant, this printer, that clean and corporate smell. Staying out late for mandatory drinks with clients and coworkers, repeat it again and again until you finally hit retirement age. And as icing on the cake, your salary is paltry comparing it with the male partners compensation.
Your life is limited to find him, the one who put you off from that office, the one who will give you that kids who will change your life.
Days to Nothing is the result of an exploration about the situation of the Tokyo nowaday's heroines (the commonly known as Office Ladies) which together with the Salary Man perform work hours near inhumanity: is not a secret that Japanese culture and society place a tremendous amount of importance on work, but no matter how genuinely committed you are to your job, everyone has an emotional breaking point, and sometimes the pressure to satisfy customers and please your bosses can be all be just too much.
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